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Flimp Adds Multi-Tenant, Multi-Tiered Features to Its WorkforceTXT® Texting Platform Built for Secure Employee Comms

Heather Bliss

Heather Bliss

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October 20, 2022
Boston, MA

HITRUST-compliant SMS platform for benefits brokers, enrollers and carriers enables easy setup and management of accounts for multiple employers – by region, office or department

Flimp Communications, the leading provider of employee benefits communication solutions for mid-market employers, today announced the addition of layered multi-tenant, multi-tiered admin controls for its WorkforceTXT® employee text-messaging platform. With the new administrative features, benefits brokers, enrollers, HCMs and carriers can quickly and easily deploy integrated HITRUST-compliant managed texting accounts and campaigns for their employer clients to help them communicate and educate employees about available benefits, policies, and open enrollment.

Employee text-messaging campaigns consistently deliver over 90 percent employee-engagement rates, as compared to average 20 percent open rates for email communications. This is particularly important for employers that need to alert employees to important, timely information about benefits-enrollment deadlines, workplace rules and regulations, policy changes and safety protocols, but have trouble reaching them with email. The new multi-tiered, multi-tenant administrative features of the WorkforceTXT platform enable quick, easy and low-cost deployment of secure SMS and IRV accounts by benefits brokers and enrollers on behalf of multiple employer clients in a way that can be centrally managed and controlled, reducing risk and liability. 

“Too often, employers, benefits brokers and enrollers are using unsecure, non-compliant texting platforms to communicate sensitive information to employees. This creates unnecessary corporate liability and risks. The WorkforceTXT platform is not only HITRUST and HIPAA compliant, but it eliminates the need for users to make requests for each new managed account, whether they want to add multiple offices or clients, the power is in their hands."
Wayne Wall
Founder and CEO, Flimp Communications

Here are a few of the benefits of the WorkforceTXT platform for employers, brokers and enrollers:

  • Dedicated account team for training and support: while other texting services rely on quick how-to videos for account setup, with WorkforceTXT, you have a dedicated team member for support. 
  • Secure and compliant: WorkforceTXT has been put through rigorous testing to earn HITRUST certification and is HIPAA compliant. 
  • Minimal deployment cost: there is no charge each time you need to provision and deploy a new account for customers. Simply pay an annual administrative fee and a low per-text fee for usage.   
  • Five-digit shortcode: ownership is included in the cost of WorkforceTXT managed-service fees. Other text-messaging providers charge an additional monthly fee for shortcodes. Or they may use standard phone numbers to send texting campaigns, which are often marked as spam by recipients or blocked by carriers. 
  • Multi-tenant access: brokers and intermediaries that license WorkforceTXT annually have administrative control to create and manage individual “tenant” accounts for their customers. 
  • Multi-tiered capabilities: we customized the client interface to include a unique tiering system, which allows brokers or employers to set up sub-accounts specific to an office, department or region. Each user has a unique login and can only access their specific employee groups.  
  • Reporting: WorkforceTXT has built-in usage reporting that tracks text messages attempted, delivered or undelivered.  
  • Integrated with the Flimp communications platform: in addition to standard texts or SMS messages, Flimp can also host documents for clients to share via text such as benefits guides, surveys, weather-related notices and more. Any documents shared via text are available in the reporting dashboard so users can see how many times each was clicked. This provides brokers and employers with next-level insights on whether the materials are actually being viewed. Other managed-texting services can’t provide engagement data as they don’t offer document hosting. 

For more information on licensing the WorkforceTXT platform, schedule a quick demo call with our helpful team here:

About WorkforceTXT

WorkforceTXT was designed to meet the communication needs of employers and benefits providers that want to push educational and training content to employees with advanced tracking and reporting metrics. It’s HITRUST and HIPAA compliant, easy to implement, and comes with a high level of training and support. The platform allows employers to send out secure, trackable videos, multimedia content, open enrollment guides, and benefits decision-support tools that are mobile responsive. Messages can be simple text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) and include links to additional information to increase engagement and response. Powerful analytics are built in, so HR and benefits administrators can track open rates and ensure their messages have been received and read for maximum engagement.

Learn more about WorkforceTXT here: 

About Flimp Communications

Flimp Communications is the leader in HR, benefits and employee communications for mid-market employers.  The company provides virtual communication solutions including software, decision-support tools, workforce texting and interactive digital content to employers, brokers, HR consultants, insurance carriers, and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL, and Burlington, VT, Flimp works with more than 750 corporate clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning employee-communications platform enables users to create, distribute and track interactive video and branded multimedia content without any programming or IT resources for corporate, internal and employee communications. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Heather Bliss
for Flimp Communications
P: 888.612.3881

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