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Create and deploy employee benefits videos, affordably

Videos are hard to create for most HR teams, and usually expensive to buy. Not anymore. 

HR teams can tap into our ever-expanding library of videos on benefits and other critical topics for employees. And our video-production team has been designed from the ground up to make affordable customized videos for HR teams on rapid timelines.

fully custom videos for employees and hr

Videos in four shapes and sizes

We’ve been enabling HR teams with employee videos for over a decade, and, over that time, we’ve refined our offerings to four core types of video that fit most use cases, and improve engagement and drive action by your employees.

HR Benefits Video Library

Save countless hours by tapping into the power of our video library. It's filled with 75+ titles (in English and Spanish) covering the most common benefits and HR topics. Always expanding.

Employee Training Videos

For some topics — like benefits presentations, onboarding, compliance, and more — you need longer-form training videos. Use chaptered videos for easy navigation and analytical insights.

Benefits Teaser Videos

Short teaser and benefits-enrollment-overview videos are an absolutely incredible way to educate employees about benefits enrollment and ensure action is taken.

Customized Explainer Videos

Rapidly create short-form explainer videos about any topic. Use our core styles and starter scripts to cut development time (and cost) in half compared to other video producers.

Educate employees on complex and essential topics

Videos are the bedrock of online learning because they improve information retention and drive action. Today, the most forward-thinking employers are using video to engage, educate, train, onboard, and help employees understand the most complex topics. 

video benefits overview

How Flimp videos are different

Many video agencies treat video like it’s a Hollywood production or a Pixar project. Projects take forever, cost a lot, and frequently miss the deadline. But not at Flimp.

The Flimp video-production team has video creation down to a science, which makes updating your videos easy and cost effective. We can help you rapidly deploy high-quality, engaging employee videos with a minimum of stress and effort. If you need videos even faster, you can license our HR video library. 

Plus, get detailed viewer statistics to optimize your video initiatives.

Do Even More With Flimp

A decision-support tool designed to be completed

Most tools take too long because they require too much up-front input from your employees to get accurate recommendations. The result? Employees don’t finish the tool, and they’re just as frustrated and confused as they were before you spent thousands of dollars on the platform.

Top-tier comms that reach every employee in every channel

Look like a marketing master
with compelling visual content
that inspires and educates
employees. Whether at home, in
the field, or in the office, ensure
your messaging gets through. Every employee, every channel.

Employee videos that improve engagement and literacy

Video is the bedrock of employee
education. Our pre-produced
benefits video library and skilled
production team can rapidly
deploy high-quality, engaging
employee videos on a range of
benefits and HR topics.

Sample Videos

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Get started with employee videos

Whether you have a big budget, or a small one, a lot of time, or just a little, we have a video solution for you. 

"Every time we’ve partnered with Flimp to produce our team member benefits videos, they’ve exceeded our expectations. Their attentiveness, flexibility and excellent customer service is top notch. Communicating team member benefits has never been easier."
Sophie Nieves
Benefits Manager | Loews Hotels and Resorts
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