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Flimp Announces Next-Generation UI/UX Design for PLANselect® Benefits Decision-Support Tool

Ross Simons

Ross Simons

Director of Inbound Marketing

September 22, 2021
Boston, MA

Ahead of benefits open enrollment season, company rolls out new user interface, enhanced educational tools, and updated engagement-tracking dashboard for its industry-leading software.

Flimp Communications, a leading provider of employee benefits communication and engagement solutions, today announced several notable improvements to its PLANselect® medical plan decision-support tool. Accessed by more than three million employees throughout North America, the new enhancements are expected to boost PLANselect’s industry-high employee-engagement rates that presently average 60 percent based on completion. The product utilizes sophisticated algorithms to analyze and accurately predict costs of available health plans for employees, spouses and new hires based on anticipated coverage needs. Available in English and Spanish, PLANselect helps employees choose the best medical plan for their needs through self-guided education and can replace in-person benefits fairs and one-on-one meetings. The newly updated tool is available to new and existing clients for the 2021 benefits open enrollment season.


"Apart from accurately predicting out-of-pocket medical costs for employees and their families, decision-support tools need to offer three things for employees to engage at higher rates: complete data confidentiality, the ability to complete in 10 minutes or less, and a flexible, mobile-responsive interface that can toggle in multiple languages. We continuously look for ways to use technology to improve the education experience for employees, while providing better ROI, lower costs and measurable results for HR teams, benefits consultants, providers and enrollers.”
Wayne Wall
Founder and CEO, Flimp Communications

New enhancements to PLANselect include: 

  • Employer notes: this feature can be activated on each page of the tool and provides the option for employer-specific explanations around the most commonly asked questions such as: are domestic partners covered? These customizable notes can also offer links to educational videos, brochures, PDFs, etc., all within the context of the question asked.
  • FSA calculator: new FSAdvantage complements existing HSAdvantage to help employees optimize those savings accounts.
  • Results delivery: employees can be confused by the results served up in traditional benefits decision-support tools. Flimp created a more intuitive experience that clearly displays plan-recommendation results by lowest cost and highest value, making comparing plans and calculating costs easier.
  • Engagement tracking: new dashboard makes tracking viewer engagement in real time possible. Aggregate results, such as time spent in each section of the tool, what plans were most recommended, how frequently the tool was used, and content clicks, can be monitored by employers. Typically, more than 60 percent of employees engage with the tool, the highest engagement rates in the industry. 
  • Universal homepage: new homepage for organizations with multiple PLANselect sites for different employee groups. Having one consistent link makes it easier to promote to their workforce.
  • Benefits enrollment: PLANselect now offers the ability to add a direct link to an employer’s benefits-enrollment site from the results page, so, once options are reviewed and a decision has been made, taking action to enroll is seamless.

Other features of PLANselect:

  • Self-guided education: automates the education process to save time for HR and benefit providers. This results in fewer meetings for HR teams and more learning for employees.
  • Accessible: completely online and accessed from any device, anywhere, so other decision-makers in the family can be involved too.
  • Private and secure: no personally identifiable information (PII) is collected, so there is no HIPAA liability or worry of data being compromised.
  • Unbiased results: no benefit plan is promoted over another, ensured by the proprietary algorithm, so there is no concern over plan bias.

Setup and deployment:

For employers and consultants, Flimp Communications handles all the setup and testing for PLANselect. This typically takes two to five days once the health plan information, premium contributions and any employer contributions are received. For the custom-website setup, all that is needed is a company logo, brand colors, text for the welcome page and any supplemental notes, educational videos or other documents the employer wants added. All PLANselect information, videos, text and results are available in Spanish with a simple language toggle on each page. 

Heatmap plan diagnosis prior to launch:

Once the PLANselect site(s) are completed, we run a heatmap diagnosis of the offered medical plans, running simulated employees and dependents through the model to show likely outcomes. The heatmap is intended to help an employer anticipate the plan value-score rankings likely to be generated by PLANselect, allowing an employer to visualize the plans that will be recommended most frequently and under what circumstances. We test a statistically valid number of user-response scenarios that categorize employees from very low to very high potential users of covered medical services for each coverage tier and present the top-ranked plan for each percentile of expected use.

Pricing: All-inclusive pricing for PLANselect is $8 per employee, per year (PEPY) for 250 to 1,000 employees plus $4 per employee over 1,000. There is no charge for new hires added during the plan year. For companies with fewer than 250 employees, please contact us for special pricing.

For more information or to sign up for a guided demo of our decision-support solutions, visit: Want to know more about these tools? View our online guide to decision support tools.

Get started with the best-value decision-support tool around

All-inclusive pricing for PLANselect is $8 per employee, per year (PEPY) for 250 to 1,000 employees plus $4 per employee over 1,000. There is no charge for new hires added during the plan year. For companies with fewer than 250 employees, please contact us for special pricing.
“I definitely believe PLANselect helped to guide plan members to the HSA plans, which is exactly what we wanted.”
Laurie L Wilburn
Director, Total Rewards | Nebraska Medicine

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