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Flimp Communications Launches Flimp 360, an All-in-One Solution to Supercharge Benefits Appreciation and Year-Round Employee Engagement

Ross Simons

Ross Simons

Director of Inbound Marketing
Introducing Flimp 360

March 8, 2022
Boston, MA

Industry-leading decision-support tools and digital communications now paired together to provide cost-effective, flexible, benefits-education solutions with powerful employee-engagement rates of 70%+

Flimp Communications, the leading full-service provider of digital employee communication and engagement solutions, today announced the launch of Flimp 360. HR leaders and benefits managers work incredibly hard to build a  comprehensive, innovative benefits package that can meet the needs of all employees, and, in most mid-large sized organizations, this means spending millions. However, most employees still don’t realize the value of their benefits or how to choose them properly. Flimp 360 solves this by offering both engaging benefits education and decision-support tools together in one low-cost, flexible solution that supercharges the value and understanding of benefits packages.  

According to a MetLife study, 67 percent of employees report that reading about benefits is complicated, intimidating or stressful. Flimp 360 marries together Flimp’s industry-leading decision-support tool, PLANselect, with engaging digital communications content—and it only takes five minutes for employees to complete. PLANselect’s completion rates offer HR leaders a huge advantage over other costly decision-support tools that are abandoned by employees due to length or complexity. 

Flimp 360 makes it easy to positively impact employee understanding and appreciation of benefits, and drive smarter decisions that deliver value to the employee and the employer. PLANselect offers the highest benefits engagement rates of any decision-support tool in the industry, with employee-engagement rates averaging 70 percent, when combined with a Digital Postcard. 

"Working with some of the world’s largest organizations, we realized that, while benefits packages are incredibly important for recruiting and retention, communicating the value of plans, and helping employees make the right decisions for their specific needs, is still a major issue. We developed Flimp 360 to streamline the benefits-communication process and provide HR leaders with everything needed to empower their employees to make great decisions for their financial, mental, and physical health.”
Wayne Wall
Founder and CEO, Flimp Communications

Flimp 360 is an easy-to-deploy solution used for engaging and educating employees year-round on topics like open enrollment, company policies, onboarding, voluntary benefits education, and more. The solution works particularly well for industries that need to reach employees who are not in front of computers all day, as is the case in fields like education, healthcare, municipalities, retail, manufacturing, and construction. 

“Decision-support tools alone are not enough to educate and inspire employees to appreciate the full value of their benefits,” continued Wall. “More work is needed to empower employees to act, and HR teams don’t have the luxury of time or the design skills required to create compelling benefits-education campaigns, so that’s where Flimp 360 comes in. We partner closely with our clients to deliver the best solution for their communications needs and help shine a light on their benefits investments.”

The Three Pillars of Flimp 360

Flimp 360 has everything an HR department needs to educate, enroll, and engage employees in benefits programs.

  • Decision-support tools to help employees choose their benefits; tools designed to help employees make quick and informed benefits choices:
    • PLANselect, for core medical plans, leverages a database of 300 million claimants to deliver recommendations within minutes, from any device, in English and Spanish
    • BENEFITchoice, for voluntary benefits, uses powerful proprietary algorithms to make personalized benefits recommendations and provide easy-to-comprehend product information.
  • Multi-channel benefits-communication materials to ensure your message gets through to employees; Digital Postcards, benefit microsites, benefits guides, print materials/QR codes, text messaging. Our Digital Postcards alone see a 72 percent engagement rate for open enrollment campaigns.
  • Engaging educational videos from our pre-produced library or custom-made just for your organization. Our HR Benefits Video Library contains more than 75 videos (available in English and Spanish) covering a variety of HR and benefits topics. We also offer several custom-video options including presentation videos for in-depth benefits overviews and employee training. Explainer videos customized to align with your brand, culture, and message. And, we do this all in a repeatable, cost-effective way so you can rapidly deploy high-quality, engaging employee videos with a minimum of stress and effort.

Distribution, Tracking, and Flexibility

Flimp 360 doesn’t stop at delivering best-in-class decision-support tools with high-quality content, it also provides the tracking needed to ensure engagement metrics are met. All our videos and Digital Postcards include tracking, hosting, multiple distribution options (email, text, QR codes, etc), and we top it all off with a project management team to be sure all of your content is customized to the precise needs of the customer no matter the organization’s size, industry or budget. Flimp 360 is flexible to implement within your existing infrastructure and accessible for all employees no matter where they are located. 

For more information about Flimp 360 or to sign up for a guided demo of our open enrollment communications solutions, visit:

About Flimp Communications

Flimp Communications is a leader in HR, benefits and employee communication and provides virtual communications solutions including software, decision-support tools, workforce texting and interactive digital content to employers, HR consultants, insurance carriers, and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Vero Beach, FL, and Burlington, VT, Flimp works with over 700 corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning employee-communications platform enables users to create, distribute and track interactive video and branded multimedia content without any programming or IT resources for corporate, internal and employee communications. For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Heather Bliss
for Flimp Communications 
P: 888.612.3881

Improve well-being outcomes while reducing healthcare spending

Get more bang for your buck. Get decision-support, omnichannel communications, and engaging employee video, for less than what other vendors charge you just for decision support.

"We’ve used Flimp for a variety of communication campaigns and have found them to be an invaluable resource in reaching our target audience. They’ve become an extension of our strategic communications team and a valued partner.”
Charlie Mabry
VP of Workplace Solutions, Boston Mutual Life Insurance

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