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Flimp Launches WorkforceTXT® Employee-Texting Solution for HR and Benefits Communications

Heather Bliss

Heather Bliss

HIPAA-compliant texting platform helps HR teams drive higher employee-engagement rates

BOSTON, MA, March 03, 2021

Flimp Communications, a leading provider of employee educational content and engagement tools, today announced the availability of its WorkforceTXT® platform — a tool for mass texting employees about workforce and employee benefits communications.

With more employees working remotely due to COVID-19, HR teams and benefits managers are embracing workforce texting as a must-have digital communication method to complement or replace traditional email.

According to Gartner, text open rates are as high as 98% compared to regular email open rates at 20%. WorkforceTXT can be implemented in minutes either as a licensed account or managed communication campaign service.

The WorkforceTXT platform compliments Flimp’s content-communications solutions, HR benefits video library, and benefits decision-support tools by improving communications delivery and engagement rates. Whether educating remote employees about benefits offerings, new-hire onboarding, rules and regulations, updated policies or COVID-19 safety protocols, texting is the most effective way to ensure that your communications and content are delivered and acted upon.

“As a benefits provider and partner to over one million employees under management, we’re constantly asked by clients how they can communicate more effectively with employees,” said Cas Petkovic, communication consultant for Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. “Nine times out of ten, the topic of texting comes up and is usually put to the side due to implementation or compliance concerns. Flimp’s new secure WorkforceTXT platform is just what our clients need to increase engagement levels across their time-strapped, geographically dispersed employee base.”

WorkforceTXT was designed to meet the communication needs of employers and benefits providers that want to push educational and training content to employees with advanced tracking and reporting metrics. It is HIPAA compliant, easy to implement, and comes with a high level of training and support. The platform allows employers to send out secure, trackable videos, multimedia content, open enrollment guides, and benefits decision-support tools that are mobile responsive. Messages can be simple text (SMS) or multimedia (MMS) to include links to benefits details, explainer videos, and audio to increase engagement and response. Powerful analytics are built into the texting system so HR and benefits administrators can track open rates and ensure their messages have been received and read for maximum engagement.

Benefits of Flimp’s WorkforceTXT Platform:

  • Convenient: not everyone has a work email address, but everyone has a mobile phone
  • Secure: business-class security, HITRUST and HIPAA compliant
  • Engaging: text open rates average 98% (vs. 15-20% for email)
  • Reliable: no WIFI required; texts received instantly no matter how many are sent
  • Simple and fast: campaigns can be created in minutes; time is especially critical when employee safety is paramount
  • Powerful: user dashboard provides all pertinent campaign information and engagement data at a glance
  • Scalable: can scale to meet the most complex communication needs of a business
  • Service: access to Flimp’s branded digital content services that can be shared via text, email, website, video, QR code, etc.

“The shift to fully remote or a hybrid of remote and on-site working environments due to COVID-19, has made texting a top priority for many large employers,” said Wayne Wall, CEO of Flimp Communications. “However, the real impact on workforce communications is the ability to push engaging, mobile-responsive content to employees with detailed tracking, reporting, and measurement on an individual basis. By combining responsive videos, microsites, and decision-support tools with texting, we help large employers, healthcare and insurance providers, benefits brokers and enrollers develop a better understanding of what drives employee engagement.”

How it works:
To get started, Flimp meets with clients to assess communication needs, provide onboarding tools, and set up text-distribution lists. A text campaign is created in the system and appropriate single contacts or groups are selected to send the approved messages to. Responses and opens are tracked in real time, allowing for assessment and improvement for follow-up or future communications. Flimp’s WorkforceTXT platform can easily be rolled out in minutes with no IT support.

For more information on licensed accounts or managed services pricing or to sign up for a demo, visit:

About Flimp Communications:
Flimp Communications is a leader in HR, benefits, and employee communication and provides integrated communications solutions including software, decision-support tools, workforce texting, and interactive digital content to employers, HR consultants, insurance carriers, and healthcare providers. With offices in Boston, MA, Burlington, VT, Denver, CO, and Vero Beach, FL, Flimp works with over 600 corporate clients, including many Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning  content-communications platform enables users to create, distribute, and track interactive video and branded multimedia content without any programming or IT resources for corporate, internal, and employee communications. For more information, please visit

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