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Improve Employee Communications with Video Communications

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

video communications

video communicationsEmployee communications and video communications are becoming more intertwined every day in the human resources world. Even with technology changing employee engagement, the name of the game is still communication. That’s why I had used that word twice in my title.

Your internal communications systems shouldn’t be a hindrance to what you, as a manager or HR director, need to do. Your primary concern is keeping employees comfortable and happy at their jobs, working hard and producing. They can’t do that if their concerns aren’t being heard. Open lines of communication are important, and as your business grows and more people come aboard, no one can afford to be left behind.

Video Communications Improving Employee Engagement

When we talk about employee communications, we aren’t just talking about delivering messages and ensuring that they are read. Effective communications is another name for engagement, or interaction. No form of standardized employee communications has been proven to elicit more employee engagement on a consistent basis than video communications. One study on the effectiveness of video communications sent out a series of digital postcards—short videos employees can access and view quickly within their local intranet—found that overall employee engagement was over 75% on this digital video content.

Many video content programs are now fully interactive, so employees can easily engage with them and use these videos as a way to exchange crucial information.

Consolidate Your Employee Engagement Programs

employee communications solutions - videoVideo platforms have become so powerful now that you can include all kinds of information and programs on them for all your employees. For example, your office health program. Fitness nutrition programs are gaining in popularity. In fact, according to a recent study, 60% of employers are expanding their wellbeing programs. You can put all of the information in explainer videos and digital postcards on one site for your employees. You can install interactive tools to track health and wellness goals, and more. The easier this video system is to use, the more employees will use it.

Ease of Access

The name of the game is ease of access. Video technology is great, but if employees can’t access it or use it, what’s the point? It might take a little more training and getting used to, but once your video communications platform is up and running, your employees will use it, and your overall engagement numbers will rise.

The key is supplementing your shiny, brand new communications system with face-to-face interaction and teaching. Video communications can’t replace talking to people in the room and hands-on training. It’s an investment in time and money to create an engaging digital employee interaction platform, but once it’s up and running, it’s well worth it. Instead of sending out mass emails and hoping everyone reads them, you can provide engaging, useful information in an easy-to-digest package for each employee. You can track which videos have been viewed by whom, so you can fill in the cracks of your messaging as you go along.


Video is a great tool you can use to spread information quickly. Interactive video is another step for better communications. The better you prepare for growth by making employee engagement a standardized and easy process, the quicker new employees will be onboarded and integrated into the team.

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