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Flimp Communications Announces $10 PEPY Bundled Pricing for Flimp 360

Jesse Albro

Jesse Albro

Introducing Flimp 360

We are pleased to announce a new all-in-one pricing option for Flimp 360. At just just $10 PEPY, for benefits decision support AND digital communication solutions, the new pricing options for Flimp 360 offer HR leaders more than twice the engagement at a fraction of the price of competitive tools. This high-value, low-cost pricing further enhances the launch of Flimp 360 in March and is aimed at helping clients gear up for the upcoming open enrollment season.

This new Flimp 360 package is built for mid-size organizations with 2,000-5,000 employees. The bundled core package brings the power of decision support together with engaging benefits education all in one low-cost solution.

For $10 per employee, per year, Flimp 360 includes everything you need for OE:

  • Decision support: PLANselect for core medical decisions and BENEFITchoice for voluntary/supplemental benefits
  • Communications: Digital Postcard to serve up everything employees need to self-educate on a particular topic. Especially helpful for packaging up OE information in in one place and reducing questions during open enrollment or new-hire onboarding
  • Video: two-minute Customized Explainer Video to help employees understand the OE process, benefits or whatever video content you need to educate your employees. 
  • Access to Flimp’s robust HR Benefits Video Library with a branded landing page. Choose from 75+ educational videos to share with employees, all available in English and Spanish.
  • And Distribution and Tracking: all our videos and Digital Postcards include tracking, hosting and multiple distribution options (email, text, QR codes, etc.)

Flimp’s industry-leading decision-support tool, PLANselect, is at the heart of Flimp 360 and — it only takes five minutes for employees to complete. PLANselect offers the highest engagement rates of any decision-support tool in the industry, with employee-engagement rates averaging 70+ percent when combined with a Digital Postcard. 

PLANselect offers HR leaders a huge advantage over other costly decision-support tools that are abandoned by employees due to length or complexity. 

For more information about Flimp 360 or to sign up for a quick walk through of our open enrollment communications options, visit:

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