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Open Enrollment 2020: Case Study and Trends Report

Across nearly 200 benefits-enrollment campaigns in 2020, we saw some of the highest levels of employee engagement ever.

Check out our Open Enrollment 2020 Case Study and Trends Report to see how customized videos, Digital Postcards, decision-support tools, and benefits communications were used to educate employees and drive them to action.

Results, Industry Benchmarks, and Strategic Takeaways to Improve Your Open Enrollment

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HR leaders and benefits brokers turned to digital communication solutions for benefits-enrollment support to meet the needs of dispersed and remote workforces. The lessons from last year can continue to help us improve OE results.

This report provides an analysis of engagement results and offers best practices to help improve employee and client experiences for this year’s open enrollment and beyond.

A sampling of organizations with campaign data included in this report are:

  • American Diabetes Association
  • Georgetown University
  • Ken’s Foods
  • Jostens
  • NPR

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