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Using SCORM Compliant Content in E-Learning Platforms for Training

Elizabeth Woodard

Elizabeth Woodard

laptop for e-learningSCORM stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model. SCORM standards are a set of requirements for e-learning courses. It’s a widely-used industry standard that serves many practical purposes for e-learning platforms and employee video communications.

What does that mean for employee video communications? What is SCORM compliance?

When e-learning was getting started 16 years ago there was no recognized standard for course software, results, and content because there was nothing to compare courses to and the results didn’t have much meaning. Enter SCORM! SCORM set standards that e-learning platforms must meet in order to be recognized as quality courses. In the employee video communications realm, these standards are a set of rules your content must follow in order to be recognized by multiple e-learning platforms. This standardization organized the industry and made it easier to work with and judge e-learning courses. Now that we’ve gone over the basics of SCORM compliance, let’s talk about why your training platform should focus on video e-learning if you really want results. We believe pretty strongly in employee video communications, and if you’re going to start anywhere with SCORM compliance than you should start there.

Why are employee video communications the ideal e-learning format?

Before talking about why e-learning employee video communications should be SCORM compliant, lets go over why your e-learning content should be in video form. Countless studies have shown that video communication gets better business results because:

• You can break down complex concepts simply in video. It’s much easier to understand something being explained to you verbally than it is to try and read a long wall of text yourself.

• Video helps employees emotionally invest in the material. When you’re reading a paragraph on a screen there’s no human connection. Having something explained by a friendly face who’s looking you in the eye will help make the material more important and memorable.

• Video is easily customizable. There’s so much you can do with video like effects, sound, changing locations, and more. The sky really is the limit.

• All your senses are engaged in video. When you’re reading a text, it’s so easy to be distracted. Video engages your eyes and ears so that there’s less chance of losing focus to whatever is happening in the background.

In conclusion, when you’re deciding how to teach employees vital skills, turn to employee video communications. Your employees will retain the material much better. Now that we’ve gone over employee video communications being the ideal format for e-learning, let’s talk about SCORM-compliant content.

Is it difficult to make e-learning employee video communications SCORM compliant? What are some of the benefits?

employee educationShort answer: Not at all!
Long answer: Because SCORM is such a widely-used standard, many platforms and software targeted to e-learning will already be SCORM compliant. Taking a little extra time to ensure your content is SCORM compliant is easy to do and sets you up for success when it’s time to collaborate with trainers, move your content onto another platform, be credible in your industry, and in countless other situations. The SCORM website lists these benefits:

• “Accessibility: The ability to locate and access instructional components from one remote location and deliver them to many other locations.

• Adaptability: The ability to tailor instruction to individual and organizational needs.

• Affordability: The ability to increase efficiency and productivity by reducing the time and costs involved in delivering instruction.

• Durability: The ability to withstand technology evolution and changes without costly redesign, reconfiguration or recoding.

• Interoperability: The ability to take instructional components developed in one location with one set of tools or platform and use them in another location with a different set of tools or platform.

• Reusability: The flexibility to incorporate instructional components in multiple applications and contexts.”

Is your e-learning video communications SCORM compliant? Are you planning on being SCORM compliant going forward? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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