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What Values Are Millennials Bringing to Your Corporate Employee Communications Systems?

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood

employee communications

employee communicationsCould an infusion of younger workers shake up your corporate employee communications systems in a positive way?

Most millennials prefer to receive a detailed plan or instruction before jumping into a project. –

Millennials have become major influences in the workforce regarding company policies and corporate employee communications. Our fresh perspective and different values allow us to produce creative and effective ways to distribute information. I touched on different methods that work best when trying to catch the attention of millennials and younger generations, but we must discuss the underlying factors to those successful channels. Every generation is different, and it can be difficult to send the proper message that really resonates and sticks!

For example, your company lets your millennial employees take the reins and allows them to send out the company email or organize the department meeting – how will that be organized? What are some of the fundamental skills, attitudes and tendencies that many millennials possess to help corporate employee communications thrive?

We are constantly learning new employee communications tactics

Millennials are constantly online, reading articles and watching videos so we see what other companies do for their communications. We know the workplace trends, what is working and what is out of date. Millennials will take this consistent flow of information with us when we are planning out meetings, work events, even when we’re planning our series of email communications because we want to show that we are always in the loop. Thus, being the go-to for new ways to shake things up.

We are open minded

We love being able to organize that department meeting or luncheon because collaboration is our middle name. We want to create a time for feedback, curation and office bonding that will make this time memorable for the staff involved. When the experience is memorable, the information will be received better. We think everyone should have a piece in the corporate employee communications, not just the staff who implement it.

employee in meeting

We tend to favor instantaneous, to-the-point information

I previously discussed using instant messaging apps for quick blurbs of information in the workplace which is something millennials really like. We like summarized, to-the-point paragraphs that give us the information we need in half the time because, as we know, time is money! Our feelings about reading long, unnecessary company policies are less than amusing and we don’t retain as much as we should. When creating any type of video communications or email correspondence, short, quick notes that offers further explanation but doesn’t require it, is definitely our cup of tea.

We appreciate transparency and honesty in the workplace

Keeping corporate employee communications professional is protocol but we must also keep it honest. Adding extra fluff isn’t going to make employees want to engage. Being transparent about new company policies/new hires and being empathetic about it is going to make employees want to tune in. Don’t communicate to them in a CEO hiding away in a fancy office, talk to them like you understand and you’re their equal. This will help the necessary information stay relevant.

We like to use creativity to spruce up boring corporate communications (make work more like a family, fun atmosphere, not too serious)

Millennials like work to be more like a family atmosphere, like we can be ourselves. Using these methods of corporate employee communications doesn’t have to be mundane, you can spruce it up by adding personal touches like employee birthdays, allowing employees to post stories and maybe adding in a fun fact or office-friendly joke! When your employees look forward to engaging in your communications, it becomes second nature and they will have a better take away.

Millennials aren’t your typical employee because they have been brought up in a whole different world that has shaped their views in their personal and professional lives. We use our skills, values, expectations, attitudes and tendencies to communicate to others; something corporate employee communications needs to consider to remain prevalent. Not all methods need to be changed or eliminated but businesses should allow innovation to run free and see what comes from it!

“There is a way to do it better – find it” – Thomas Edison

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