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code of conductHR training videos, as we all know have, in many workplaces, taken the place or offered a significant supplement to in-person employee orientations. What is the advantage to moving training to a video platform? In-person training and communication will (hopefully) never lose its effectiveness. Working directly with new employees, especially during their first 90 days on the job, is critical to getting them on the same page as managers and employees who have been there for several years. Sometimes, even with all the training and information pressed on a new employee in any firm, the best way to move from trainee to rock star is to simply get their feet wet. But a few well-placed HR training videos embedded in the recruiting and onboarding process can help ease new employees along and integrate them faster into your company and its many processes.

Everyone on the Same Page

It might make sense to hold a large new employee orientation in some situations if your business needs to hire several new employees at the same time. In this situation, you’re spending the time and money on a new-hire orientation event because you want all new employees starting with the same foundation of information and expectations. Most new employee orientations these days involve HR training videos of one kind or another for ease of use. But imagine sprinkling a couple short videos throughout the new-hire’s first two weeks in addition to giving them information on their first day. You can add new information to their orientation process gradually and at the perfect time in their training, so they get supplemental information—the same information all other new-hires are getting—when they need it.

Ease of Use

Online HR training videos and platforms give employees the power to watch them and use their information on their time. Most e-learning platforms allow 24/7 access with a password or other sign-in credentials, giving employees the leeway to gain valuable knowledge about how to perform their jobs well whenever they want. There’s always a risk of procrastination. Many employees (me included) will put off training videos if they have constant access to them. If I can do it later, why do it now? It’s a dangerous attitude, but if managers can institute a few deadlines to watch the videos, this risk can be mitigated.

HR Training Videos Are Well-Organized

employee training sessionBy well-organized, I mean the video content in effective HR training videos is put together in a way that makes sense and is intuitive. One lesson leads into another. Some videos invite participation and interaction from the viewer. Indeed, gamification has been shown to improve recall and comprehension of training materials in employees. Plus, orientation and training are more fun if they’re in game form. Training videos are an easy way to make orientation a game. What’s not a game is preparing your employees for a successful career with your company. Most businesses want their employees to stay awhile and grow with the company. Getting off on the right foot with clear, easy, fun HR videos is a crucial step in that development.

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