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Communicating with Style: Choosing the Right Templated Style for Internal Messaging

Lauryn Nosek

Lauryn Nosek

Motion graphics are a cost-effective avenue when incorporating video in your employee communications and training efforts. Perhaps the greatest challenge motion graphic videos present to development teams is choice. There is an entire spectrum of options between animation and moving images, which make finding a style that truly represents your corporate culture and supports the message you need to convey feel impossible.

Our templated style options make the process of producing your internal videos faster and keep costs manageable, saving you time and money. But just because they’re templated doesn’t mean they’re limited and boring or unprofessional and goofy. Each style is designed to adapt to your company’s branding and match the tone of your messaging and corporate culture.

Business Casual

The most relaxed of our templated styles, the business casual animated characters are full of personality. This style is perfect for topics like benefits open enrollment that bridge employees’ work and personal lives. Chances are your benefits-eligible workforce will be reviewing the information and their options with spouses or other family members. It’s also a style that appeals to younger workers, especially in industries where they don’t spend much time in a cubicle or wear suits and ties every day.

Bold Lines

Our oldest and still one of our most popular animation styles, bold lines is the go-to choice for much of our pre-produced video library and the basic open enrollment packages we offer. This style is more formal and reflects a more corporate-minded aesthetic. Bold lines is the perfect style for reinforcing the gravity of policies and procedures that need to be taken seriously by employees—reviewing harassment policies, explaining compliance reporting procedures, code of conduct training, and others where a more light-hearted approach isn’t necessarily appropriate.

Moving Image

This style allows for what is arguably the most versatile of our templated styles because it can feature images of your actual team (without the cost and hassle of live-action shoots). While stock images might be necessary for videos explaining medical or benefits topics, training and new-hire-orientation videos carry more weight when new employees see the exact environment they’ll be in and the people they’ll work alongside every day. It also adapts easily to the different tones required by different subjects. It can be relaxed for less-formal communications and more buttoned up for topics that require a more-professional approach.

Fully Custom

If your company already has a distinct graphic style, we can produce your new videos to match it. Developing your fully custom animated style takes a little more time but you’ll be sure to have something unique to your company and messaging, boosting your employees’ affinity for your internal branding. This is a style route to seriously consider if you already have plans for producing a series of videos, especially if they’re on interrelated topics like financial planning, employee stock options plans, tuition assistance programs and retirement packages.

Our creative team is constantly looking for ways to improve and expand our templated style options to best suit our clients’ internal and employee communications needs.

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