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Cost of Ineffective HR Communication Videos

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

HR communications videos save time and headaches

HR communications videos save time and headachesCommunication is the cornerstone of the success of any company. The word communication has a Latin origin that means to share, to mix or to unite. For a business to accomplish all three, they must have an effective communication strategy. And part of that strategy in today’s employee communications world, is HR communication videos.

Today’s companies are incorporating videos into their communication strategies, and they are finding much success. In fact, a growing number of firms are using HR communication videos to enhance the relationship between employees and the company. Furthermore, they are using videos to make employee on-boarding, benefit choices, and performance management more efficient.

The HR department is the bridge that brings the company and employees together and on one accord. Many companies utilize videos to help employees engage with the company and vice versa. However, when HR communication videos are poorly produced or ineffective in accomplishing their missions, it can hamper communication and become a detriment to the company and the employees.

The Effects of Ineffective HR Communication Videos

The ineffective HR video may send the wrong message to the employee and generate stress, insecurity, and lack of productivity, which is not what you want your HR communication video to do. A poorly produced video creates a poor image of the company in the minds of the employees. Any corporate communications video represents your company. When you produce a video, you should remember it reflects your image and culture.

If your communication video does not motivate or excite your employees, it may cause suppressed innovation and result in higher turnover. Your goal is to fuel excitement, motivation, and lift the spirits of your employees so they will look forward to coming to work every day and meet goals head-on with high morale. A not-so-good communications video may under communicate or miscommunicate what you what to say and prevent your employees from fulfilling their full potential on the job.

Effects of an Effective HR Video

employee communication softwareEffective communication is important to your company. It may involve employee to employee, company to employee or employee to company interaction. Whatever the case, it needs to be effective and make an impact.

Effective HR communication videos can bring all parties together and relay the messages you want to resonate throughout the company.

You should view your HR department as the hub, which unites all forms of communication. A well-produced and effective HR communication video can do the following for your company:

• Improve worker productivity

• Boost employee job satisfaction

• Reduce absenteeism and turnover

• Foster a better relationship between the company and employee

• Enhance employee engagement

The Value of an Effective HR Video

Noted playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Do not let ineffective HR communication videos provide a false impression that you have successfully communicated a message to your employees when you have done the opposite.

Always aim for an effective employee communication video that will make your message clear the first time your employees view it and leave a favorable image of your company in their minds, too.

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