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Employee Benefits: Laying Out a Plan for Better Health

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

employee benefits

employee benefits

The health of your employees plays a significant role in the overall health of your company. If employees are sick and out of the office, it will reduce productivity, which will affect your bottom line. That’s where employee benefits come in.

Companies should implement plans and policies through their employee benefits packages to help keep employees healthy and engaged in the company. Here are some steps you can include in your plan to improve the health of your employees.

Provide Comprehensive Health Coverage

Your employee benefits packages should provide comprehensive health coverage for all employees, including part-time staffers. The health of each team member is vital to the success of the entire team. Engage your employees and let them tell you what they would like in their health care plan. Be proactive in your efforts to keep your employees healthy.

Go beyond just offering the basic health care benefits that most companies provide. Include extra perks, such wellness programs and preventative benefits (gym memberships or on-site facilities). Tailor your benefits to meet the health needs of your employees.

Design your benefits packages to allow for paid time off when medical emergencies happen, such as caring for a sick family member. Provide paid time off when employees are sick or when other unpaid events that are not covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act occur. Give your employees the necessary time to get well again and care for their loved ones.

Encourage a Healthy Work-life Balance

encourage and reinforce employee engagement

Work-life balance plays a major role in the health and well-being of employees. When employees have a balanced professional and personal life they tend to be less stressed out, which will improve their job performances, not to mention their overall health.

Studies reveal that work-related stress causes adverse effects on workers’ health. The effects may include high blood pressure, heart problems, and ineffective immune systems. You can boost the health of your employees by offering employee benefits that promote work-life balance through flexible schedules, remote work opportunities, and other benefits that encourage work-life balance.

A Culture of Good Health Feeds Employee Benefits

Create a company culture that fosters a positive and uplifting environment. A positive company culture promotes a healthy environment for everyone and improves the well-being of all team members. Furthermore, employees who enjoy a healthy work environment will experience less absenteeism.

Promote Movement in the Office

The average office employee spends more than five hours a day sitting at an office desk. Studies have indicated the health risks associated with sitting at a computer for extended periods of time. It is important for employers to create opportunities to combat long hours of sitting at a desk by allowing employees to move around the office.

Provide stand-up workstations that allow your employees to raise and lower their desks. Employees can sit or stand to complete their work assignments. Incorporating stand-up workstations into your office space can improve the health of your office workers.

Allow employees to step away from their desks through periodic breaks. Provide break rooms and other places for quiet times away from the desk. Designing your office space for movement will enhance the overall well-being of your employees.

Create a Plan to Keep Workers Healthy

Make creating a plan to improve the health of your employees a top priority. One way to accomplish this goal is to provide benefits that help keep employees healthy.

Employers should invest in the health of their employees. It starts with leaders in the company being a healthy example for employees to follow. When you provide benefits that reinforce your commitment to the health of employees, you show workers that you value and appreciate them.

In the end, healthy employees will have the well-being and energy to perform their roles more effectively and productively for the company.

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