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How Geofencing Can Find You Younger Job Applicants

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood

Recruitment and Retention

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Geofencing might be one of the most powerful employee communication tools recruiters can use to reach younger generations of workers for their company.

“Geofencing (noun) – the use of GPS or RFID technology to create a virtual geographic boundary, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves a particular area.”Google

Employers are always on the lookout for new ways to market their open positions in a cost-effective way using employee communication tools. There are so many online job boards out there but which ones will reach your target applicants? Geofencing is the new and improved way to connect with the job seekers that are most relevant to your search. Using up to date technology to track these individuals – employers will have a better chance of filling a position quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank. The GPS feature allows companies to focus on candidates who just graduated a local college with a specific degree or someone who just moved to the area and has expertise in that specific field.

With the younger generations beginning to flood the job market, it is important as an employer to have the right employee communication tools to market to these age groups.

Several years ago, most would have referred to the newspaper when job searching, but now, everything is online and on our mobile devices. 86% of jobseekers who have a smartphone would use it to search for a job, according to Jibe. Millennials love convenience and when we are on the go, we want to be able to view these jobs from anywhere so we can apply on the spot. If we receive a notification on our phone and it pertains to something we are interested in, we are more likely to click through and read as opposed to the general job board emails. Keywords and attention-grabbing ads spread through employee communication tools are crucial.

So, why should more employers invest in this new application? How will it benefit their company and their overall corporate culture? Let’s dive into it.

Interviews will not be a waste of time

employee education

When you are posting a job online, you are opening the opportunity up to everyone, even if you are asking for certain criteria. You don’t want to take too much time trying to weed out the right candidates and going through endless resumes to ensure they have the correct skills that you need.

Cut through all the clutter and use Geofencing with your employee communication tools to target the people who already have these skills and create ads that will allow you notify those who fit your ideal applicant. Younger applicants are always wanting to jump into their studied field right out of college or after a few years of working odd jobs, so when we see these specified notifications – it will draw us in immediately.

Your company will look up to date and tech-savvy

Millennials and younger generations are all about technology, even in the realm of employee communication tools, and what is trending. If your company is showing progressive efforts and a willingness to move with the times, that is favorable to the younger job seeker. Using Geofencing will show that your company knows how to market itself in a modern way that makes it easier for anyone to find a job. You will stand out amongst the rest.

When you target the right people, you get career longevity

Location is key so if you find a person who possesses all the necessary skills AND lives in the required area – you hit gold. More people are willing to stay at a job if it is close to home and it is something they went to school for or have experience in. They are doing what they love but with minimal commute. Also, people who are looking for a job and happen to get one of these notifications may feel accomplished and flattered because you are reaching out to them specifically. They will be excited to see your posts and more eager to apply.

Overall, Geofencing is something that should be considered in all industries when trying to hire new employees. You won’t waste time searching for the right people, you will look credible to the younger age groups and you will get eventually find quality, long term employees. Technology is evolving and so must employers to keep their businesses thriving. Millennials and younger are the future and we must invest in these new employee communication tools and applications to keep the job market flowing in the right direction.

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