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How HR Benefits Videos Can Improve the Employee Experience

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

HR benefits videos

HR benefits videosHR benefits videos improve the overall employee experience, and not only employee engagement, by providing information quickly and easily to all employees during the onboarding and even the recruiting processes.

HR benefits videos are much more effective than the huge employee benefits packets many new employees still receive because they can convey information much more efficiently. We know how videos, especially those conveying information on employee benefits, can help with recruiting and onboarding efforts as well as employee engagement, but there’s a new way to think about employee communications and engagement within a workplace.

What Is the Employee Experience?

What is now being referred to as employee experience is a broader concept than employee engagement and employee communication.

Since employee experience is about how each employee experiences their day-to-day workplace and the company they work for, this metric is far more difficult to measure and monitor than employee engagement. While engagement can be measured in how many employees watch HR benefits videos or click on company links providing other information, each employee’s experience is different from the next.

How HR Benefits Videos Improve Individual Experience

recruitmentThink about your first day at your job. To some degree, even the most confident, sure employees have moments of wide-eyed wonder. It’s inevitably overwhelming to start a new job, even if it’s a dream job the employee worked hard to obtain. Time and getting used to all of the systems in place, the work itself, and co-workers usually quell this anxiety.

One factor, other than time, that can help the everyday employee experience, especially for those wide-eyed newcomers, is a benefits package that is easily understood. A good video on the benefits that most employees are eligible for is a great way to inform new employees on their benefits packages.

More important than providing a benefits package and options that all employees can understand and sign up for is showing employees that your communications systems make sense and give employees the information they need. Many times, the benefits packages and videos are some of the first information a new-hire receives, other than the standard company packet explaining policies. Benefits information has to be succinct and easy to understand, not only so employees can sign up for benefits, but for the company to make a good first impression on their new-hires.

Get off to a Good Start

First impressions are everything in many relationships. One way to improve the employee experience from the beginning is to start with efficient, informative, benefits videos. The human resources department has an opportunity with every new employee to make a good impression and get the employee experience off to a good start. When employees aren’t engaged from day one at their new job, they won’t be as engaged or show signs of effective communication after that.

When employees understand their benefit options and how to sign up for and use them, they produce better results and join the company culture with more enthusiasm and care. Start with good HR videos to get good results.

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