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Your 2022 Open Enrollment Action Plan and Timeline

Ross Simons

Ross Simons

Director of Inbound Marketing

It’s hard to fix an airplane while you’re flying it. It’s also difficult to thoughtfully prepare educational benefits-communication materials when you are in the throes of open enrollment. To help prepare you for what’s ahead and keep your communications on target, we’ve created a comprehensive action plan and timeline for you.

We have years of experience helping HR teams implement thousands of successful benefits communications plans that help you get better results during open enrollment. We are certain these strategies and tactics will work for you too!


Before Open Enrollment

Prior to open enrollment, your focus is on setting up the foundation for communicating OE milestones and benefit information clearly and effectively. The pre-OE communications should start with notification and education. Let employees know that open enrollment is around the corner, provide a link to a single site or employee resource center they can get acclimated with to educate themselves on everything they need to know about OE. Provide early access to benefits decision-support tools and use video and self-guided tutorials whenever possible.

open enrollment timeline 1


During Open Enrollment

During open enrollment, your central focus is to keep the resource center or benefits website updated with all the new materials, guides, tools, and videos coming in. Use email, text, QR codes, chat messages, or posters to point to the resource center. Keep communication lines open and gently (and frequently) remind employees of deadlines. Position yourself (and the resource center) as the go-to resource for employees during this critical time.

open enrollment action plan 2


Open Enrollment Deadline Week and Beyond

Open enrollment deadline week is here! This is the final push to serve your employees the most critical information they need to make their decisions. These tactics can be used beyond open enrollment to encourage and support new hires as they navigate their benefit choices.

Open enrollment calendar 3


Get the Open Enrollment Toolkit

This action plan is just one part of our large Open Enrollment Toolkit. In there, you’ll find free resources, like email templates, a “benefits key terms” explainer video, and more.

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