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HR teams are almost always in problem-solving mode, but the problems encountered while planning and preparing for open enrollment are in a league of their own. Communicating difficult topics like healthcare and benefits enrollment grows increasingly complicated as workforces are spread across broader and broader demographics....

Yes, you heard it right: millennials value a diverse, collaborative work environment and don’t jump at the first job that offers the most money. When we take a seat at our computers or open our phone browser to start our job search, we have an...

Flimp Communications is a preferred benefits communications solution for large employers, Fortune 500 companies, benefits brokers and agencies, and insurance carriers. We provide cost-effective, comprehensive programs using video and interactive video postcards to help employees learn about important benefit options, choose what plans are best...

Flimp Communications recently released a new employee video communications case study report that highlights results from 40 employee benefits annual enrollment campaigns conducted with 27 large US employers using interactive video postcards. The tracked video postcard email campaigns were sent by internal email to a...

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