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The Significance of Potential Job Growth Opportunities for Millennials

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood

high-deductible health plans and other benefits educationHow important is growth in your career? For millennials at work especially, training and development means a great deal and leads to better retention and more productive outcomes.

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many people would say growth is VERY important and ultimately, it’s their deciding factor when accepting a job position. Most of us millennials have approximately a year or more work experience under our belt. Job growth is not only important but a necessary incentive to stay with a job for more than two years. The generations before us are willing to stay with a company for several years in hopes that they eventually get that promotion, where millennials believe that putting in that time without a written assurance is invaluable. Yes, we may sound impatient and entitled but we know our worth and what we deserve. So, how can millennial job growth be addressed in a professional and promising manner that will create longevity at your company? I think I might have some tips for you.

1. Address Millennial Job Growth up Front

millennials at workHonesty is truly the best policy. When you are interviewing candidates for a new position at your company, you must be honest about potential job growth. Ask yourself, is there room for this person to grow? If they put in the necessary work, will we be able to promote them to the next level? Do we want to have a younger employee in a higher position? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to let the interviewee know that this position does not have any current opportunities to move up in the next few years. When you give false hope to your new hires, they won’t trust you as much and will eventually end up leaving.

2. Provide Training That Will Lead to Promotions for Millennials at Work

Millennials love to learn new skills, especially when it could eventually lead to growth within their workplace. If you have the resources to offer training or learning opportunities, it could be a huge advantage not only to your employees but to your business as well. You must be certain that you will be offering this additional training in order to train those person(s) to move to the next level on the ladder – otherwise, most employees won’t want to make that extra effort. Offer trainings that will give your employees a competitive edge and will allow them to stand out amongst their peers. Make sure the information is valuable and retainable, oh, and don’t forget FUN!

3. Make Legitimate Plans

millennials at workWhen you have a good team locked in, discuss how you plan to keep your business flourishing for the future. Keep this communication open to all employees because when you are honest with them about the future, it will help alleviate any worries about lay-offs and cutbacks, thus decreasing early resignations. If you have a senior employee who is planning to retire in the next year, talk about it with your staff to see who will step up to the plate. Millennial job growth is based on opportunity and if they are informed of future openings – that will give them incentive to stay and work hard to get that spot. Point out the qualities and skills you will need to work on to be qualified for this position. Allow employees to approach you if they are interested and give them tasks that will challenge them but will also help prepare them for their desired job.

We all have to work hard to get to where we want to be and be open to taking on any opportunity given to us. I believe that offering millennial job growth will highlight our dedication and goal-setting mentality that makes up our generation. We not only want to prove our work ethic, but also our willingness to learn and to be taught. It is up to business leaders to be honest, to be resourceful and to have a plan in mind for the future because… we are the future!

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