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Using HR Communication Videos to Engage and Delight Millennials at Work

Hannah Greenwood

Hannah Greenwood

HR communications videosIn a study performed by Adestra, 82.9% of people check their emails randomly throughout the day. Over a fifth of the participants worry they will look less dedicated than their counterparts if they do not constantly check their emails during the day. What if emails and HR communication videos could decrease stress?

How far is too far when it comes to email communications and your employees’ stress levels? This is something to be addressed to better ensure a healthy corporate culture.

Millennials are one generation that relies on technology for information. We are constantly checking their phones/computers to get their updates, regardless if it is personal or work related. With the world at our fingertips instantaneously, we are constantly receiving notifications for new emails and social media pop-ups which can sometimes be distracting. Even on vacation or on our days off, we are still checking our work emails to make sure we don’t fall behind and feel guilty when we ignore those emails during these times of rest.

HR professionals are always trying to find the most effective ways to reach this younger audience within their workforce, but it is all about how they communicate these ideas so they aren’t overwhelming. There is a fine line between creating a message to inform and creating a message to instruct, where you can offer helpful tips to educate but not be too pushy or demanding to complete tasks. To avoid the dreaded email feeling and generate a positive message to distribute to your employees, here are a few tips on emails and HR communication videos when targeting millennials.

Include Video Tips on Work Day Meditation

In the body of your email blast, offer meditation tips or ways to take small breaks throughout the day to increase productivity and positivity. This can be anything from walking down the hall to get coffee or deep breathing for 10 seconds. When you have these tips readily available and sent right to your employees’ email, it is more likely they will use them to their advantage.

Make Your HR Communication Videos Bright and Meaningful

at home employee engaged with video postcardsWhen you offer a video that is colorful and offers a lot of positivity, you can turn any employee’s day around. Using happy colors, make sure the spokesperson on the video seems chipper and lastly, make it short and sweet! Add a couple motivational quotes or affirmations in there and you have yourself a happier, less stressed worker. You can also add a funny joke, fun challenges or feature a happy song for your employees to listen to while working.

Offer a Helpful Printout Link That Will Make Your Employee’s Work Easier

Like I said in my first point, videos that offer tips and tricks are one of the ways millennials learn new skills. When you offer a video that ultimately helps them, they are most likely going to use it, especially if it makes their job easier. When you discuss some of your tips, offer a clickable link that brings the employee to a PDF or writable file that allows them to organize their tasks, check off to-dos and prioritize projects. Maybe even offer a goal sheet where employees can record their current goals, which ones they need to meet and which ones they have already accomplished. Most millennials are visual learners so when we are able to see something, it allows us to absorb it better.

Try To Send HR Communication Videos During Slower Days and Times AT WORK

HR communications videosFind the times during the week when the office is slower and not as busy. Try to avoid the Monday morning craziness or any time when employees are on their break or off work. You might create a time that works for most people, if not everyone, so they can watch your video. Maybe add a feature that allows your employees to schedule the time they plan to watch the video so they can base their work tasks around that time frame. You can also try to find a way to create a ‘save for later’ button so when the time comes for them to revisit the video, they don’t have to waste time searching through all their emails to find it. It is all about convenience and how easy it is to access.

The idea of an overflowing inbox in an eight- or nine-hour day is very exhausting and the only way HR professionals can make this less dreadful is creating email blasts that matter. Think about what millennials want to read about and watch and put a happy, go-lucky spin on it. Use tips and fun activities to spice it up! And make sure it is the most convenient for all. Lessen the workload, ease the stress and increase productivity in the workplace!

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