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Critical Factors to Consider When Using Video for Annual Open Enrollment

Wayne Wall

Wayne Wall

In the past few years we have seen a dramatic increase in the use of video for open enrollment and employee benefits communications. There has been a shift from the use of static, print content to interactive video communications that effectively inform and engage employees. Static, dry benefits communications can lead to uncertainty in the decision-making process, confusion between employees and HR counselors, last-minute enrollments, low participation and poor satisfaction ratings. Using video can increase satisfaction and good will through employee benefits communications and the annual open enrollment process.

Critical Factors to Consider

Invest in Quality Video

To start the employee benefit communications period, investment must be made in a high quality employee benefits video and employee benefits websites. Video is four to seven times more likely to engage employees than static content and will involve your employees in their benefits coverage. Your  video can explain benefits plan, changes to wellness plans, or inform about confusing parts of coverage.

Determine the Best Video Style

filming interviewDetermine the best type of video style for your employee benefit communications. There are three styles of video most commonly used for employee benefits enrollment. They are motion graphics, spokesperson and executive message video. The best style is determined by the purpose of the video and demographic being addressed. Younger audiences generally prefer animated graphics to highlight features and benefits in an engaging way. Older employees often favor videos that feature a spokesperson or executive which informs while developing trust.

Keep It Short and Engaging

Employee benefits videos that are too long can run the risk of becoming unengaging. For a benefits enrollment or wellness program introduction campaign, it’s best to keep the video short and succinct. A straightforward video under two minutes will be most engaging. If you’re reviewing detailed changes and explaining the benefits plan in depth, the video will be longer and should be chaptered to allow viewers to review pertinent information quickly and easily. Explanation videos and introduction videos should remain on the same URL so employees don’t have to navigate in order to learn about their benefits plan.

Combine Video and Branded Multimedia

Create a branded multimedia experience for your employee benefits communications with video. This can come in the form of a video postcard, microsite or landing page. The key to a multimedia and video platform is that it enables interactivity by providing the user with “calls to action,” links to enrollment portals, the means to share information with spouses or dependents, and access to traditional print materials through PDFs and links.

Track and Measure Viewer Activity

For an employee benefits video communication campaign, it is crucial to be able to measure and track engagement. Detailed viewer data can help a company adjust their annual open enrollment strategies and create a more engaging, interactive video landing page or multimedia platform. Flimp Media collects actionable data that shares how a specific email address interacted with specific parts of a video landing page.

mobile technologyEnsure Mobile Device Compatibility

It is important to consider the entire video experience of the multimedia platform. The experience must be equally exceptional on all devices. For that reason make sure video and content is HTML 5 and mobile device compatible. Employees may choose to view the video enrollment campaign on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Test for Browser Compatibility

It is also important to consider browser compatibility when developing video. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer 8 and 9, are notoriously difficult when it comes to online video compatibility.

Provide Access to Additional Information

A great video landing page will engage an employee in the benefits enrollment process and while giving them access to more information if they desire it. For this reason, it can be beneficial to create a simple annual enrollment benefits website or portal that contains important information and is connected through the video landing page. Crucial information is available through this website while still being cohesive with the main video landing page.

Educate Your Employees

Videos can be used to educate employees about complex benefits plan offerings such as HSAs, HRAs, HDHPs, wellness programs and other HR benefits topics such as COBRA and voluntary product offerings. Utilizing the employee benefit communication period to produce short, educational videos within the video landing page can help foster good will and communication between human resources and employees.

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