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Creating Inclusive Video Communication Content

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

diversity and inclusion

diversity and inclusionProgressive and forward-thinking companies are embracing diversity and inclusion as a viable way to stay relevant and maintain a stable and prosperous business. A diverse team will help you better understand different cultures and languages, which can strengthen your services and brand.

Engaging and celebrating cultural differences drives innovation and creativity. Incorporating inclusive video communication systems into all aspects of your company will position you for better diversity and inclusion, and success.

One valuable population that has a significant impact on the diversity and inclusion efforts and its effect on the prosperity of your business is the growing Latino (Hispanic) community. According to the US Census Bureau in 2016, there were approximately 57.5 million persons of Hispanic origin living in the United States. Hispanics make up 17.8 percent of the nation’s total population, which makes this group the country’s largest ethnic or racial minority. Developing ways to reach this important audience is key to your future.

How to Attract Latino Talent to Your Company

Today, Latinos play a significant role in helping companies reach their goals by satisfying the demands of the US workforce now and in the future. However, while most employers recognize the importance of employing Latino talent, many are experiencing difficulties in attracting, hiring, and retaining Latino employees. One way to break those barriers is to create video communication that addresses their needs and interests. Employment experts suggest improving your company’s performance in these three areas can boost your Latino employment numbers.

Train Managers How to Recognize Cultural Differences

Latinos and other minorities often have cultural norms and customs that may be different from your other employees. Your hiring managers should be aware of these differences and know how to make Latinos feel included and a part of your team.

Hire for Long-Term Retention

Make sure you let your Latino hires feel like you want them to grow with the company and use their cultural diversity to help the company further its goals and mission. Make them feel like a valued members of the team, and make it clear that you desire them to stay with the company in a long-term business relationship.

Establish a Strong Connection with the Latino community

Make your job announcements and recruiting efforts appeal to Latinos and other Spanish-speaking candidates. Utilize special video communication that will attract Latino job seekers.

The Diversity and Inclusion Value of Using Spanish-Language Video Communications Content in Your Brand

employee video communications can help make your employees happy at workAnother way to promote inclusion and attract Latino employees is to embrace the Latino culture not only in the workplace but outside the office. Show the Latino community that you want their business and desire to serve their needs through your products and services.

Embracing video content in Spanish will help your company connect with the Latino community and give them a reason to support your business and brand. Here are statistics from the Facebook IQ Study by the Latinum Network that reveal how Spanish-language content is important to the Latino (Hispanic) community.

• Approximately 80% of US Hispanics believe they do not need to stop speaking their native Spanish to be a part of American culture, and they find that advertisements in Spanish increase their interest to purchase a product or service more than ads in English.

• 86% of Hispanics feel that speaking Spanish is a significant way to stay connected to their culture.

• 79% of Spanish Dominant, 82% of Bilingual, and 60% of English Dominant research participants in the survey believe brands should advertise in both Spanish and English.

• 58% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics and 48% of bilingual Hispanics feel that brands that connect to the segment in Spanish show they value the Hispanic community.

• US Hispanics are 1.40x more likely to buy products that advertised in Spanish as compared to ads in English.

The value of inclusive videos in your business is paramount to your success. Including Spanish speaking language and culture in your business strategies can endear the Spanish speaking community to your company. Advertisements and promotions in Spanish will make Latinos identify with your brand and connect much quicker with your company.

Producing only English content can create a negative perception of your company and make you appear unwelcoming.

Embrace the Spanish-speaking culture, and you will attract Latino talent to your company, as well as develop loyal and faithful customers to your business, too.

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