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Effective Video Employee Communication Keeps New Hires in the Building

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

camera set for recordingVideo employee communication allows you to intervene at just the right time to prevent a new employee from jumping ship if you have the right message. Even after you’ve hired new employees, you’re still trying to get to ‘yes.’ New hires are known for being flighty. While there are perfectly good reasons to dump a job in less than two weeks, a month, or six months, many newly-hired personnel might react negatively to the stress and sensory overload that new jobs entail. Starting a new job is hard. Remember your first day? The uncertainty of your position, your day-to-day work schedule, the communication styles and work styles of all your new colleagues—all that ambiguity made it difficult to make informed decisions about your new position. It’s not unlikely, especially in this current age of job-hopping young people and competitive job markets for employers, for an employee you just hired to drop out quickly. How can you prevent this and where does video employee communication come in?

Video Employee Communications: Filling in the Blanks

Video employee communications help keep new employees on the job in two main ways: the first is by acting as a teacher when you’re not there, the second is by creating a useful archive of easily-accessible and understood information. No amount of holograms or sleek videoconferencing software will allow you to be in multiple places at once (not yet), but you can at least provide useful information and guidance to new employees without sacrificing the welcoming nature of your voice and your personal touches. Employee handbooks and written policies are of course extremely helpful to new employees, but for those times when your new-hire needs a boost and you’re not there, you give them a video explaining common problems, or even set up a video call to support them. This technology can be very helpful in keeping new employees in the loop even when you don’t have time to hand-hold in person.

For Future Reference

Videos can help you impart important information to your employees without bogging them down with an endless sea of fine print. Your policies need to be explained, but most employees need a little more than the bare bones explanation of their duties to truly be successful. You can make recordings that become a video employee communications library for your new hires. They can access them whenever they need to and reference them to make their transitions smoother and more productive. Add in some basic face-to-face communications and a clear open-door policy, and you have the makings of an effective employee communication strategy. When these communication streams are free and open, you’ll find you’ll have more employees wanting to stick around. When employees leave after their first week on the job, it leaves a mark. High turnover hurts office morale and is extremely costly. Keep your employees around and get to that final ‘yes’ by establishing the right modes and culture of employee communication from the start.

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