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How Employee Training Videos Can Help During Open Enrollment

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

employee training videos for new hire can convert for OEThe open enrollment landscape has changed dramatically thanks to video communications technology like employee training videos. You might think of training videos as only making sense for new employees’ onboarding experiences or other training sessions. But this technology can help your enrollment sign-up and engagement numbers during the crunch time of open enrollment.

Employees need accurate information and instruction to help make the right decisions for themselves. Video technology has proven time and again to be an effective vehicle for such information. As technology continues to transform open enrollment, employees need a different kind of help when searching for the best healthcare choices for them and their families. Happy employees enrolled in optimal benefits packages save money and boost engagement.

From Onboarding to Benefits Training

When new employees enter an organization, they need to know more than just how to do their jobs at the highest possible level. They need to learn the purpose of their work and how it fits in with the company. That’s onboarding. They need to be educated in how the company works, its mission, why it matters, and their place in all of it. The HR department has a great tool for this onboarding education process: employee training videos. What if you could use the platform used to educate employees during the onboarding process to educate them about how to enroll in and properly use their benefits packages?

Using our digital postcards, many companies are already putting together resources to guide new hires through enrolling for benefits. HR leaders and managers can use that same technology to send existing employees the information they need to make educated decisions during annual enrollment. Digital postcard campaigns gather all the educational material into one easy-to-access format and allow employers to push the information out to the workforce using a variety of methods, including email, text and via printed QR codes.

Making Employee Training Videos Easy

employee training videos for OE empower workersIf you already have employee training videos ready for new employees, you’re more than halfway to creating benefits education videos. All you have to do is adjust some of the content. Using animation in training videos makes altering content more cost effective. Walking employees through the enrollment process via video will save time and money in other ways. It cuts down on the need for one-on-one meetings with HR staff. It enables workers to share benefits information more easily with spouses and other family. They’re empowered to review information where and when it’s convenient for them.

Once you have a way for employees to access the fine print for their benefits programs and a helpful video showing how to sign up, you can distribute your digital postcard to your workforce. You can also include a decision-support tool, should you choose to go down that road.

You can include more than just a simple “How to Enroll” training video in your annual enrollment communications. Explainer videos reviewing key terms and concepts are a close cousin to employee training videos and foster general benefits education. Do you have special health and wellness programs available? Use video to highlight those. You can even have them animated in the same style as your existing employee-training videos. Such consistency will reinforce your internal brand through open enrollment and beyond.

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