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How an Effective Corporate Video Communications System Can Improve Crisis Management

Eric Brown

Eric Brown

Corporate video communications

Corporate video communicationsCorporate video communications make it easier to plan and execute change management initiatives in times of crisis when set up properly.

Crisis in business will happen. Is your team ready to respond?

A crisis can be any situation that adversely affects your public image or has a negative influence on your profits. They can occur in many different forms. Companies need to be proactive in fighting a crisis. Corporate video communications on crisis management are your first weapons of defense.

How a Crisis Can Occur

• A company accidentally creates an unsafe environment for employees or the environment

• A competitor spreads untrue statements about a company or product

• A key employee is involved in a scandalous situation that adversely affects the image of the company

• A former or current disgruntled employee spreads false or damaging information about the company over the internet that goes viral

• An investigation or potential lawsuit by a client or competitor threatens your reputation

Corporate video communications are an integral part of your crisis management strategy. Crisis management experts say there are three elements of a crisis, which are 1) a threat to the company or organization, 2) a sudden surprise, and 3) a short decision time to address the threat. Well-produced corporate video communication can show employees how to respond to all three.

Benefits of Crisis Training through Corporate Videos

Corporate videos about crisis management are effective at teaching employees how to successfully participate in crisis-related media interactions. Your employees need to be competent spokespersons who know how to handle various media platforms, which may include television, radio, and social media outlets.

A company spokesperson should speak with confidence, compassion, and authority. Corporate videos about crisis management will instruct them on how to deliver a satisfying message to the public. Your corporate video will train and prepare employees for a variety of crisis management presentations that can improve your image and change negative perception during a crisis.

Corporate Video Communications and Social Media

corporate video communicationsCorporate video communications can work right along with your social media efforts. Not only will corporate videos train your employees about crisis management messaging, but they also can be used in social media to get your crisis message out to the public. Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other mobile communication technology can relay your crisis management message in real time.

Social media can help shape the way a crisis and the firm itself are perceived by the public. Social media can offer information that educates stakeholders on how to react to a crisis and deliver information to the public that creates a positive image during the crisis.

Social media gives you instant control of the situation unlike other forms of media. It allows you to switch between the roles of spectator and message-producer in a crisis.

Corporate Video Communications Are Worth the Investment

You should choose a crisis communications team to include your senior executives who will be representing the company during a crisis. They should be prepared and equipped to handle the situation using corporate video training. Their training will not only save you money but save your reputation during a crisis.

A poorly-handled company crisis can affect your business in numerous unflattering ways. Ineffective crisis management may put the business operation at risk and expose the company to legal, financial or regulatory problems.

Furthermore, a mismanaged crisis may tarnish the company’s image among its peers, customers, and the public. Knowing what to say and how to address a crisis can turn things around and enhance your brand. Investing in effective corporate video communications is essential and worth the investment.

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