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HR Managers: Build a Working Relationship Between Recruiting and New-Hire Onboarding

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

onboarding and training helps employee retention

new-hire orientation sets the tone for the employee experienceTo new workers in your organization, the employee recruiting and new-hire onboarding processes essentially merge into one long process. If you’re a recruiter or HR manager, you have to manage these separate processes while keeping that employee experience in mind. In order to create a better recruiting and onboarding experience for employees, you must build better connectivity between the two processes. This connectivity between recruiting and onboarding, makes employees more comfortable. Which makes them ready to be effective sooner. It can be a boon to recruiting and retention efforts too, saving the organization money and time. Just don’t let them blur too much or you might have difficulty isolating and correcting issues that arise later.

How can HR managers create this link to build a seamless transition for the worker? Well, the first step is technology.

HR Managers Need Recruiting and Onboarding Software

The easiest way for HR managers to streamline recruiting and onboarding processes for new hires is to digitize where possible. Automating the onboarding process and the ways you find qualified applicants allows your HR team to more efficiently bring on employees that add value to the organization.

These days, employees expect to be set up for success. Many of them (especially millennials and workers from Generation Z) expect some degree of the onboarding process to be digital. Meanwhile, people have grown, not just accustomed to digital processes, but comfortable with them. They expect it. And knowing some of what to expect in those first stressful days can be reassuring.

HR managers maintain recruiting and onboarding processesDigital recruiting and onboarding systems save time and money. For recruiting, this happens by finding candidates that fit better, and doing it faster. When it comes to new hires, it gives them what they want, which is the ability to hit the ground running. In both cases, it improves the experience for those involved, raising retention as well.

Technology Is the Bridge

The more recruiting and new-hire onboarding processes inform each other, the smoother the transition for each new employee. Before investing in technology to integrate these processes, you may have to shift your thinking as an HR manager. Say your organization has several workers doing separate tasks to complete each phase of the recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes. They don’t have to operate as siloed teams, checking off steps of the process and then passing candidates along like an assembly line.

How do different teams collaborate in your organization? You may have to build coordination protocols into your HR department as a part of your new-hire onboarding. The better coordination between teams overall, the smoother and more positive the experience will be for your new employees. Additionally, improving communication between teams benefits everyone, making it more likely your new and existing workers stick around.

onboarding and training helps employee retentionAs an HR manager, you can integrate employee communication systems into recruiting and onboarding processes. For example, running your training software on the same platform as your onboarding software makes for an easy handoff. Try to maintain consistency across the materials — videos, information packets, etc. This integration smooths the transition from onboarding to training and eases the new hire into their new role.

We at Flimp have several solutions for onboarding and employee training. These solutions help form a single narrative for new employees, one they can follow and feel secure in. Many employees can get lost in the shuffle if recruiting, onboarding and training processes aren’t in sync. Our employee videos and HR communications capabilities make it easy to bring on employees so they can make contributions to your company culture and the bottom line.

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