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Lack of Employee Engagement Adversely Affects Organizations’ Chance of Success

Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels

employee engagement is vital for new-hire onboarding

employee engagement is vital for new hiresWhen new employees join an organization, they usually have many different ideas and plans on how they can make qualitative changes within themselves as well the company that’s taken them on board. Unfortunately, there is a very big chance that prevailing organizational culture might not allow them to express themselves to the fullest. In the long run, it could lead to productivity ‘wastage’ and a disengaged workforce.

Here, the concept of wastage is taken to include a wide array of issues that are related to active employee engagement. These may include the wastage of the new staff member’s time and effort, the spark of creativity that might wind up being stifled from within.

In fact, this kind of wastage of human resources is pretty common in professional organizations where younger and newer staff members aren’t given a chance to properly express themselves in a nurturing and positive environment. In the long run, it will become difficult for any business organizations that actively wastes its employee resources and the talent of its new inductees to be able to improve performance and take the lead against their competitors. From employee engagement video technology to cloud platforms, expression is crucial and can take many forms.

An Example of Poor Employee Engagement

A young recruit, who has just earned her law degree, for example, goes to work with a few especially bright ideas for the betterment of the law firm that has hired her. However, she is met with a boardroom full of senior associates and partners who don’t care for her plans and dismiss her dynamism. It’s inevitable that, as an employee, her overall engagement with the law firm will suffer under such circumstances. And with the passage of time, she’ll end up becoming another part of the prevailing status quo. Alternatively, if she has enough enthusiasm and energy, she may simply resign and find a more dynamic law firm.

encourage and reinforce employee engagementThis is due to the fact that there are certain core beliefs that create in employees a yearning for a deep connection with the work they do and with the organization they work for. Without that, most employees will always be looking out for better opportunities where they’ll be able to grow and contribute to the organization. Any business that doesn’t manage its young and dynamic workforce properly could quickly find itself with a ‘brain drain’ as its most creative and productive personnel leave to join rival organizations. Not all new employees’ ideas will be practical or a good fit for the organization, but being closed to their ideas because they’re new or still learning can leave new employees thinking you value them as little as their ideas.

This is why most HR experts believe it’s absolutely vital that every company should have employee engagement video technology and other channels in place, where the junior members can connect with their superiors and feel one with the goals and objectives of the whole organization. Having that connection is key to feeling valued and appreciated, like an integral part of the organization.


If an organization were to take all its employees seriously and actively aim to help them engage, then it’s an axiomatic assumption those employees will put their very best into their work. This way, the company can meet the challenges of the 21st-century business world.

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