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New-Hire Onboarding Made Easier with Benefits Presentation Videos

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

make training easier with benefits presentation videos

new hire onboarding and trainingNew-hire onboarding processes are necessarily time consuming. Employees need time to acclimate to their new office and organization—and that’s before they have to make decisions about their health insurance and other benefits available to them. Video communications have been assisting onboarding efforts for years, but new options, such as templated, customizable benefits presentation videos, are entering the market and making the new-hire onboarding process faster and more efficient.

Flimp Communications is releasing a new and improved benefits presentation video product. The system is designed to provide all the necessary tools for HR managers to create their own professional employee presentations and decision-support videos for their workforce. Everything from PowerPoint templates to video scripts is provided and can be customized with a company’s unique branding, message and information.

Here, Flimp’s Client Success Manager Maria Giordano answers some common questions and highlights the new system’s perks for employers trying to engage employees, encourage enrollment in benefits, and improve overall employee communications.

How can users customize templates to make them fit with their own branding and content?

Customers can leverage Flimp’s PowerPoint template, which provides language and visuals for common benefits topics to create their own custom presentation.

Can customers expect benefits enrollment and overall engagement to improve when using these templates?

Workers are busy! They may not have time to read through an entire benefits guide, but our benefits presentation videos are efficient. They allow employees to take in all key benefits information in an easy-to-understand way. They can jump from topic to topic thanks to our chaptering feature, so they have the flexibility to learn about the benefits they’re most curious about.

How much customization of the finished product is allowed?

Employers are able to customize the PowerPoint deck as much as they’d like, including onscreen text, narration, colors and photos, to match their unique offerings and company culture. There’s no limit to what they can customize.

Making It Easy for Workers

make training easier with benefits presentation videosBenefits overview presentation videos make it easy for employers and HR managers to communicate their benefit plans and other offerings to employees and new hires in a simple, easy-to-understand and engaging way. These videos are capable of breaking down and explaining many benefits topics, including simple employee orientation, HSAs and HRAs, benefits eligibility and many others. Employers can use these videos to get into the nitty-gritty details of benefits plans while welcoming new employees to the organization and setting them up for success.

Beyond the ease of navigating a chaptered benefits presentation video, the format proves convenient for new employees in several other ways. Not only can workers skip to the parts of the video that are relevant to their needs, they can go back and rewatch it at any time throughout the year. If they glossed over the vision benefits chapter initially but then learned they need to get glasses, they can return to the video and watch that section again. Video is flexible, allowing employees to share and watch the video with their spouse or other family who might have input in making benefits decisions. And perhaps most comforting to new hires is the consistency and tone that a benefits overview video provides during those initial weeks of adjusting to a new job.

Making It Easy for HR

Flimp doesn’t just want the finished product to be easy on employees. We want the process to be easy for HR teams.

Developing these videos works in three steps. First, you choose the topics you want to include from an exhaustive and flexible list, adding as many as appropriate. Then, update the slide template deck and starter scripts using Flimp’s professionally designed presentation templates that include built-in graphics, animations, images and scripts. Finally, send your branding materials to be incorporated into the video and select a voice artist to narrate.

The end result is an on-demand benefits orientation video your employees will respond to and find useful when making important decisions about their benefits plan selections.

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