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Tips for Effective Open Enrollment Communications

Elizabeth Woodard

Elizabeth Woodard

keyboard engage buttonEvery HR professional understands that employee benefits are one of the biggest reasons employees choose one job over another, and your company provides great benefits—a quality health insurance plan, for example. In fact, open enrollment is coming up, so naturally your employees should all be lining up to take part in your health insurance plan.


If you’re offering great benefits that employees can take advantage of during open enrollment, the next step is letting people know about them. I know that might sound really simple, but how you communicate the enrollment process  and your employee benefits at the beginning of open enrollment is just as important as what’s in them. A few simple but incredibly useful tools can take your open enrollment communication from the recycling bin to being shared organically around the office.

Video Production

Video production engages the attention of employees better than static text. Video is used to communicate complicated ideas in an interesting way using less time than a plain email. After all, it can take days or weeks to read a long novel, but a movie gets the same message across in just two hours while engaging more of the senses.

We handle any level of video production your company requires with packages that suit your needs. If you want something that gets the job done quickly, we have simple short-form explainer videos that are ready in less time with minimal fuss. These videos come from basic pre-produced videos in our library to premium videos incorporating your company’s unique branding and culture.

Additionally, we offer processes to create long-form presentation videos, when content needs more detail for in-depth purposes such as training. For these videos, you can supply the content and let us know if you want to simply convert your information to a video slide show or really dial up the custom creativity to capture your audience’s attention right from the start.

commuters employee engagementDigital Open Enrollment Communications

Flimp digital postcards are an interactive way to give your employees large amounts of information in an intuitive and engaging way. These digital postcards are essentially ‘microsites’ that function as a targeted website to get across your open enrollment communications.

What makes digital postcards special?

• The ability to easily integrate video

• Accessing responsive information easily from a mobile device

• The ability to update content without having to resend it

• Being able to track your employees’ response to and engagement with your video postcard in real time

That last feature is one of the most useful digital communications provides because you can tell what works and what doesn’t for catching and keeping employee attention right away. This ability to tweak the layout and content of your digital postcard will make your open enrollment communications more effective every minute.

Want to see a digital postcard for yourself? You can send a digital postcard sample to yourself and see how much easier they are to use than traditional open enrollment communication.

Benefits Decision Support

Open enrollment communications start by letting employees know what their health insurance options are, but then your employees have to actually make a decision. Making that decision can be tough if your employees are not health insurance experts. How do you keep this indecision from paralyzing your employees out of taking advantage of your company’s open enrollment?

Conclusion: PLANselect® is a great tool that helps employees choose a health plan that gets them the most value for the lowest dollar amount based on their individual needs. All your employees have to do is answer a few simple multiple-choice questions and PLANselect’s algorithms will tell them the pros and cons of the health insurance plans your company has available. This decision support takes the guesswork out of picking a health insurance plan. Once your employees are confident in which health insurance option is right for them, your sign ups should skyrocket, which really is the ultimate metric of effective open enrollment communication.

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