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How to Use a Video Communication Agency to Improve Corporate Culture

Ben Renner

Ben Renner

successful communicationNot every video communication agency is the same, nor do they offer the same services in some cases. Some offer products aimed at helping explain healthcare benefits and little else. Others work with your organization in an all-inclusive partnerships, which can improve corporate culture and retention.

Every video communication agency has a choice to make in terms of what they offer their clients. While some specialize in software and other services designed to solve a few specific Human Resources problems as they come up, others offer a full suite of solutions to aid in overall HR performance and can help improve long-term, slippery aspects of your company such as corporate culture.

Things like corporate culture aren’t easily solved by any suite of software or video communications, but, if you have a positive, clear company mission supported by clear expectations for how employees, managers, and even C-suite executives to behave, you’re on your way to fostering an effective corporate culture. Working with a video communication agency is one way to improve on it.

Corporate culture affects many Human Resources struggles in most organizations. It can help everything from retention to customer relations.

Make Your Intentions Clear to a Video Communications Agency

Before you start signing documents and making agreements with anyone, you have to make your expectations and intentions clear. How will you use the services a video communications agency provides? How often will you use your partnership to produce new employee videos and what exactly will you collaborate on to help your organization? These are all internal questions to ask yourself before you get in a room with an agency.

From Agency to Corporate Culture to Retention

collaborative corporate cultureIt’s easy to see how a positive, successful corporate culture can help companies retain their best workers. Workers in any position or responsibility want to work for a company they believe in and is working hard to move forward.

Corporate Culture is more than back-patting, clear messaging, and corporate videos, however. Consider culture as a narrative that each new employee experiences. The story, like any typical story narrative story structure (I studied Creative Writing in college), has a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is the onboarding process, which can usually always be improved in one way or another.

Corporate videos can help the beginning of your new employees’ stories with your company by showing them a glossy, easy-to-use interface loaded with information they’ll need to be successful. Give new employees the information they need to succeed and tell them how you expect them to conduct their work every day, and they will.

The Middle and the End

After the initial shock of joining a new company, making mistakes, and learning how to be successful, your new workers will inevitably reach the middle of their story. If you’ve hired the right people, given them the right information in the right ways, and supported them every step of the way, they’ll enter into a comfortable, yet productive middle to their journey with your company. You can help them reach this point by using corporate videos to enhance their experience with well-scripted, informative videos that don’t intrude too much on their time.

And the end is either a happy retirement party or at least favorable reviews on Glassdoor after your workers have moved on. New employees want information so they can do their jobs. After a few months or so, they want less information and more inclusion in the company’s culture and decision-making. A video communication agency is a great way to help shepherd your clients through their journey with your company.

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